Powell's Marketing Communications and Creative Services does not replace, but supplements your marketing and marketing communications departments. We add expertise where you have limited skill sets and we manage the process when you have limited human resources.

Our creative boutique develops and manages a variety of creative services including brand identity, packaging, collateral, promotional concepting, sales and marketing materials and style guides that communicate the brand's vision.

Our expertise is in consumer products, retail, financial services, and the high technology industry. We support a wide range of companies from small to very large.

Our approach to solving marketing-related business problems is straightforward. We ask difficult, sometimes uncomfortable questions about your business environment that directly or indirectly affect your ability to move your business forward. We then develop strategies through a process to grow your brand with a clear roadmap to success.

Our process delivers proven results

  1. Brand or opportunity analysis
    • Understand the client's needs
    • Develop a consumer needs analysis
    • Analyze the marketplace
    • Define the situation
    • Develop marketing objectives
  2. Strategic Development
    • Develop marketing strategy
    • Assess synergistic opportunities
    • Develop marketing communications strategies
    • Create tactical plans
    • Develop estimates, budgets and timelines
    • Prepare for implementation
  3. Execution
    • Create or oversee collateral production
    • Negotiate placements
    • Initiate launch
    • Measure and evaluate results
    • Initiate and implement modifications
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